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Dragoi Liviu funded WomenFitnessandNutrition to provide clients with easy to follow science-based fitness programs, and nutrition plans.

As a personal trainer working with busy clients, Liviu understands that managing parenthood,  career and taking care of yourself can be challenging.

Since he found his true calling for fitness in 2010, he has seen first hand the incredible changes that regular exercises, a healthy eating regime and a change in habits, can make for both body and mind

Most of the time, the limiting factors that are stopping people to achieve their goals and engaging in a healthier lifestyle are lack of time, motivation, the lack of know-how or ineffective training programs.

WFN addresses all these limitations by helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Whether under the advice of your doctor, wanting to lose weight, build muscle, increase your energy, keeping fit while pregnant or getting back in shape after pregnancy Womenfitnessand Nutrition has the right plan for you.

Liviu Dragoi
Women Fitness Nutrition
Company that focuses on getting achievable results.

We are an online personal training

The WomenFitnessandNutrition philosophy is that you never get something from nothing, meaning that if you will put a bit of work you will always get something back.

Many of us get to that point when we think that it is too late to make a change but this means procrastination and finding excuses.

It is never too late, change begins today with you.

Liviu’s workouts and nutrition plan significantly increase your chances to smash your fitness goals. Lose weight, build muscle, tone up, improve your flexibility increasing your energy pre and postnatal.

By committing to a healthy lifestyle you will achieve all your fitness goals.

WomenFitnessandNutrition offers clients access to workouts and nutrition plans accessible from anywhere.

Online training will not take over your life and will fit in your busy schedule.

Whatever your health and fitness aspirations are adhering to this program will bring you incredible results.



If you are interested in finding more about WomenfitnessandNutrition, or you would like to sign up, all you have to do is to get in touch online. If you want to boost your health and start to make some changes why not get in touch today?

I am here to guide you through until you reach your goals.

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    Working with women from all deferent ages and fitness levels made me understand that most of the time, they put too much pressure on themselves regarding their looks. Social media and some other networks promote only perfect bodies which makes them feel more insecure.

    My mission is to help women around the world understand that one of the best ways to feel good about themselves is through exercise and good nutrition.

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