The technical term for body fat is adipose tissue and most types of body fat fall under the same description of white adipose tissue. Wheater they know or not when people lose ”weight” or improve their appearance is body fat (white adipose tissue) that they want to lose. The composition of FAT is made up of 85-90 stored triglycerides.
When people talk about saturated or unsaturated fats they are actually referring to the chemical structure of the fatty acids. The fat found in food is nothing more than triglycerides.
So what is body fat role beyond making women unhappy about their appearance?  The idea held that body fat was nothing more than stored energy and clearly that is the main purpose. When exercising or when there is no food around(the result of dieting or starvation) body fat is used for energy. Carbohydrates can also provide energy, but fat stores are built for this role as they provide 9 kcal per gram compared with 4 kcal per gram from carbohydrates.
For women lower body fat stores provide energy for the body during pregnancy and breastfeeding. One example is that women store fat in the hips and tights winch is used for this purpose.
Body fat distribution is unique for each female, due to genetics, but is also related to sexual selection and attraction( curves are sexy), but there is more to body fat than that.
Body fat plays a big role in the function of your immune system with too much or too little body fat causing problems.
Too little body means that your immune system might not work so well while too much body fat meaning that your immune system is overactive.
Another role of body fat is insulation against cold because women handle heat or cold differently than men. The fat cells (triglycerides) are also a place where local metabolism of hormones can occur. A great amount of the women’s  estrogen is made from the conversion of testosterone within the fat cell( in postmenopausal women, almost all the estrogen is made that way.
My point is that as much as you dislike body fat(for appearance reasons) and while too much body fat can create some health issues) the fat cells within the body fat are important for overall health and the function of your body.
Always remember that in life everything is about balance.
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Working with women from all deferent ages and fitness levels made me understand that most of the time, they put too much pressure on themselves regarding their looks. Social media and some other networks promote only perfect bodies which makes them feel more insecure.

My mission is to help women around the world understand that one of the best ways to feel good about themselves is through exercise and good nutrition.

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